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Five Quick Tips for travelling on your own

Planes are nuts... if you really think about how they work.

Out on a business trip in Vancouver right now and wanted to put in a few cents on my experiences so far.

As a first time lone traveller and certainly an amateur when it comes to this kinda stuff it’s been a little stressful, but I’m learning as I go.

Here’s a few quick tips I’ve gathered so far from this experience.

Maps, Maps, Maps

No matter where you are or how good your innate sense of…

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Why I don’t call myself a games journalist anymore


The original version of this article was much longer, but I don’t think anyone wants to read a preachy diatribe (this is still pretty preachy though).

Over the last few weeks things have been tough for video game journalists and video game developers. A loss of confidence in games journalism, given the circumstances, is understandable.

With the Internet calling out both sides on their lack of…

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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is driving me nuts

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is driving me nuts


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the first handheld video game I’ve bought in months, and it’s driving me insane.

The fourth entry in this particular series of role-playing games, Dream Team brings the plumbing bros. on an adventure on Pi’illo island. There they have to save a group of pillowy creatures from a sleepy face and, of course, save a kidnapped Princess Peach.

But the thing that drives me…

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Continuing education after journalism school

Continuing education after journalism school

Aw pupster.

Sometimes I feel stupid.

Wholly, woefully, completely ignorant of many aspects of life, especially when it comes to surviving in Canada’s ever-declining journalism market, but some people thrive in these conditions.

Heck, there are people out there who are years younger than me, yet somehow have experience and education that far outweigh my own (I was a pretty lazy student and generally a pretty…

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Let’s write about Midtown Madness and ultimate freedom

Let’s write about Midtown Madness and ultimate freedom


Only a few games during my childhood ever really stuck in my memories. I remember Commander Keen, the first Wolfenstein, oh man The Treehouse (!), freaking Super Solvers, gosh dang Gizmos and Gadgets (!!!), and the Oregon Trail…, but when it came to 3D experiences my library was a little more limited.

Booting up our old Compaq, hearing the sound blaster card whirr into life, and degaussing our…

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It ain’t easy being a Squib in the Wizarding world

It ain’t easy being a Squib in the Wizarding world #HarryPotter


There’s only one person at Hogwarts who is hated more that Severus Snape, loathed more than Peeves the Poltergeist, and feared more than the Whomping Willow. His name is Argus Filch and he’s the caretaker at the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Filch is one of the harshest adults working at the school and the kids really, really hate him. On several occasions the characters in the book make…

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Hitman GO Review — a great return to form, though there are still problems

Hitman GO Review — a great return to form, though there are still problems


Hitman is a calculating and strategic experience, and Hitman GO on mobile platforms is a strange return to form for the series.

It’s a return to form in that timing your moves correctly, figuring out the patterns of your enemies, and executing a well-planned strategy will help you find, stalk, and execute your target.

What’s different is the game’s presentation. Taking on a table-top look, the…

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If Muggles found the wizarding world, what would happen?

If Muggles found the wizarding world, what would happen?


Harry Potter has fascinated me in ways few other fantasy novels have and not only because it gives me more street cred than Game of Thrones fans (yeah, I’m calling you nerds out).

The difficulty with the Harry Potternovels and films is of the two essential conflicts that exist in the universe, one slowly beings to fade over time. The conflict between Harry Potter and Voldeysnorts is always at the…

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Is Zero-Suit Samus sexist?

Is Zero-Suit Samus sexist?


Samus Aran combines sensuality and femininity in one hell of a sexy package.

In the latest Nintendo Direct, Metroid fans were given a great look at her updated new design with the Zero Suit appearing even tighter and a pair of 6″ heels to help power up her kicks.

Ever since Samus Aran‘s debut in Metroid, players have demanded to see the sexier side of her character. And let’s be honest, no one…

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